[ Cafe Society ] True Love or just an Affair?

Woody Allen_Soon_Yi_(www.insight.co.kr)
Woody Allen and Soon-Yi (www.insight.co.kr)

Woody Allen fell in love with his step daughter. This scandal made the world shocked. (It was hottest issue back in 60’s ) Korea gave lots of attention to this issue due to the fact that the girl, Soon-Yi, is a Korean adoptee. Most of people blamed Woody and Soon-Yi couple for morally unacceptable affair between father and daughter. Despite these critics, they called themselves True Love, which had made more people turn their back from them.

This movie shows what he has been going through. A love triangle story that his girl whom he loves has affection to his married-uncle. I couldn’t stop thinking of Woody Allen’s scandal. It was his own story.

He presents the contrast between a ganster brother regarding murder as a simplest way to solve problems and a psychologist step-brother talking about ethics all the time. It might be his intention to show the situation where he was, whether it was true love or immoral behavior.

In this way, the movie <Café Society> gave me a question; What would you do if your love is considered morally incorrect and got respect from nobody around you?

Hong Sang Soo and Kim Minhee (Huffingtonpost.kr)

There was a scandal as hot as Woody Allen’s, globally well-known Hong Sang-su and actress Kim Min-hee had an affair. People started gossiping. Hong Sang-su have been nominated in Cannes Film Festival several times. Kim Min-hee acted in his movies.

One day, the rumor that they loved each other became official. Huge unfavorable publicity hit them, and Kim min-hee recently have trouble even in finding sponsors. People were so cold in terms of Love affair issue.

Affair is a betrayal of the love, or even of the human itself that I connected deeply. Imagine that somebody whom I trust most don’t love me anymore. Psychological trauma will follow him or her forever. In this context, I would say their love is WRONG that they started to love before he has completed previous relationship.

However, What would you do if you were in their shoes? You might say the same thing; “It’s called Romance, It’s different than other affairs.” We all have to admit that true love can suddenly come to you ANYTIME. Double standards exist in everywhere.

We could blame for how they begin their love, but shouldn’t blame their love itself. Sorry for the people abandoned, still I would love to admit that affair is also love. We all have to think about the definition of True Love is.

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