[Okja] Bitter and Sweet

 Okja has been an issue even before its way of release in Korea ever since it got nominated in Cannes film festival. First, it decided to screen just in Netflix, and its decision made distribution companies upset. At the end, the movie could be available in on-off line channel in same day.

 Still, there is extremely high-accessibility for Netflix. I could watch the movie I want whenever and wherever I want, even in midnight in my cozy home. I have just finished it when released. I mean, literally, 00:00 at Midnight, the release date of the movie after having long waited with computer open.

 At midnight, the play button for <Okja> is activated.


Okja and Mija (Netflix)

 Like any other stories, there are two parts standing one another for their own interests. In this story, Okja and Mija fights for their own peace confronting others, even including her grandfather. People are the slaves for Capitalism and its dirty money. Mirando company makes use of pigs with GMO, and abuse them with no heart, and her grandfather abandon Okja without hesitation. The Animal Liberation front seems nice organization for saving animals from all villains. However, they are the same like other, only caring about their traditions and honors while using Okja on the other way than Mirando. Okja and Mija, an animal and a child, are full with love and humanity, and free from money, possession, success, the words from crazy real life.


 Although they all are on the ‘bad’ sides pushing and dragging Okja and Mija to this real life, somehow I feel sorry for them. They are also the victims of the system, Capitalism. The characters are struggling under this money-possession system.

Tilda swinton
Lucy (Tilda Swinton) in Chracter shot (Official facebook page)

 The employees keep flattering to their boss, Lucy, not to be fired. The zoologist, Dr, Johnny, happened to become animal-abuser from animal-lover as working in the company. I felt worst to Lucy, who owns a global company, being anxious all the time with what she owns now and what she has to pursue.

 Probably the most courageous character would be a truck driver, working in Mirando company with poor welfare. At least, He stands up for justice unlike other people.


 The last scene is the bitter one. Mija realizes that ‘love’ no longer has power in this world, and fights in the way they fight, Money. The director wants to show vanishing humanity. By focusing on illustrating cruelty of reality rather than the power of humanity, it has us look back onto world.

Lucy and Mija, looking at Okja (Netflix)

 Later, Mija woke up from a nap. Every event that had happened to them seems like a day dream. It’s bittersweet that they couldn’t change the system, but found happiness in there. This was the best decision they could make. That might be our life and the way to stay in our own peace.

In a nutshell,

 You will realize how pity you are in this crazy world.


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