[Minimalism] What did you buy today?

 The news that the new Apple phone is released in the market is spread out. People are lining up in front of the store to get the new arrival faster than others. The very first person shows up on TV and SNS with a happy smile, celebrating his or her thrilling moment. Do you think it’s describing happy moment?

line for apple phone_rcrwireless
A Line for Apple Phone (rcrwireless.com)

 We all are interested in what happiness is and how to be happy. UN studies the index of happiness in the world. Even more, Denmark, so-called the happiest country, has Happiness Research Institute to closely study how to be happy.

 Here are two guys who figured out why we are Unhappy now to know what happiness is, pointing possession and consuming as the main reason for unhappiness in humanity.

 Imagine that you wanted to buy a big house and bought it with the loan. You are happy and seem like all your dream come true. But you work hard to pay for that expensive house. You don’t even have time talking with your friends and family. Then, Think again. Was getting a big house with white fence MY dream or a goal forced by the pressure of society?

 The movie introduces one way to approach to happiness.

Minimalists (official Facebook page)

 It’s wrong if you thought says that we shouldn’t buy anything, but it says that we buy and invest for what we really need and what makes us happy. Then, we don’t have to be workaholic for unnecessary purchase. The point of reducing shopping is focusing on quality time with people around me instead of chasing vanity.

 Though Norway is ranked in 1st in this year (2017) of Ranking of Happiness, the first place has been occupied by Denmark for several years. Many reasons have been mentioned. Equality of income in society, welfare system, education etc. The best reason I picked is Hygge culture, which is peaceful time spending with family and friend that I love. For Danish People, the Hygge is a big part of their life. People fight for their living out and find peace in the Hygge time. This is the power of working, not possessing things.

 On the other hand, Korea is ranked in 58th. After the insanely fast development in 1980’s, society got more stable than before, now people started considering happiness as a critical part of their life. It leads the  Scandinavian culture to be boomed. However, they are trying to reach the lifestyle by “Consuming”. They find happiness in buying Scandinavian style furniture and artworks.

  The time came to realize we can’t be happy with meaningless consumption. Let’s look back that you have ever happy with having things.

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